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welcome to my paradise!

- artistic research + book, 40 pages, 21 X 21 cm w/ Teo Lagos   Paradise, Garden of Eden, cennet, firdaws or jannah. The place, where everything started with Adam and Eva, and the place, where after death only the believers are allowed to go. The place of delight, blessing, wealth and infinity.With regard to discussions about […]

aus dem kontext

- catalogue + flyer Institute for Art in Context/ Berlin University of Arts  


- catalogue Berlin University of Arts  

hayvanlar dünyasi

- Fold book for bilingual/ binational children. Double-sided, in German and Turkish. Colourised ink drawings and vector illustration. 30cm x 21cm, Digital print on packing paper and wound up on grey board 2mm. Self-published.  

doing the gooey

- catalogue gooeyTEAM/ Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung  

the fat archive

- catalogue + flyer + exhibition map Berlin University of Arts    

udk-berlin ベルリン芸術大学

- welcome film for japanese exchange students Berlin University of Arts


- single-channel-video for the stage Theater Osnabrück Director: Susanne Chrudina   -

räuber hotzenplotz

- 3-channel-video for the stage Staatstheater Braunschweig Director: Susanne Chrudina